Residential ventilation with
heat recovery in new house

The Smedemark family in Jelling is very pleased with the comfortable room temperature, the suitable humidity and the fresh air in their new 160 m2 house. The investment in a demand controlled Dantherm residential ventilation unit is paid back on the heating bill.

All year round, the house gnomes got the attic for themselves. Like in most houses. But at the family Smedemark on Eskelunden 7 in Jelling the house gnomes have surrendered a modest portion of the space in the attic to a Dantherm residential ventilation unit.

The residential ventilation unit is almost noiseless, and it does not take up much space in the attic, so there are no complaints from the residents in the attic. And the family - mother, father, daughter and a dog - are extremely satisfied with the solution, which ensures a comfortable room temperature, a suitable humidity and fresh air in the 160 m2 villa which was ready for occupation eight months ago.

Bent Smedemark says:
- Building Regulations for new houses make great demands on the house's tightness. In our eight months old FM Søkjær house we have made the compulsory extraction from wet rooms and supply of fresh air through the grates at the windows, but basically the house is very tight. This is a strong argument for installing residential ventilation with heat recovery.

Already during the construction phase allowance was made for later installation of a residential ventilation unit. Therefore it was relatively easy to retrofit the Dantherm ventilation unit, which the family has chosen as the solution for their home.

Smedemark_big- After having installed the ventilation unit we have no more condensation on the windows, no more steam on the bathroom mirror and we do not run the risk that house and building materials are getting damaged by damp not being able to escape through the tight building construction.

We also greatly appreciate the pleasant indoor climate, with clean indoor air without dust and other health damaging particles after having passed through the filters in the ventilation unit in the attic and thanks to the integrated humidity sensor that adjusts the air volume in relation to the relative humidity throughout the house, says Bent Smedemark.

Dantherm residential ventilation is equipped with heat recovery which ensures optimum use of the heat calories. This means that the investment in the plant as a whole will pay for itself through savings on the heating bill. The alternative would be frequent, thorough ventilation throughout the house. And a large heat loss through the open windows and doors.

Dantherm HCV/HCH residential ventilation is mechanical ventilation solutions for private homes, and the two wall models and two attic models in the series meet all regulatory requirements for energy and air circulation. The plants have counter-flow heat exchanger, designed-right, so the pressure loss and therefore power consumption is minimal.

There is a choice between demand-controlled automation and manual control via remote control. With demand-controlled automation you do not have to worry about ventilation, once the system is installed. Are there special needs or do you just want full manual control over every detail of the indoor climate, the unit comes with a remote control that in a simple and logical manner allows for advanced programming of the ventilation system.

The Smedemark family chose a Dantherm attic model with demand-controlled automation. It is placed in the attic and thus takes no room in the house. Before the plant was correctly adjusted, the family suffered from a little draught in the room, but this problem has been solved by a more precise regulation of airflows and duct temperature.

- We are very pleased with our ventilation and can definitely recommend others to install a similar solution, says Bent Smedemark. 

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