No more worrying about
black mould in an old house

An improvement of the humid indoor air had high priority when Jannie and Mads Nejsum in Fly decided to renovate their large, old house. Now a Dantherm HCH residential ventilation unit in the loft provides a healthy and pleasant indoor climate throughout the house.

It is very expensive to heat an old, 234 m2 two-storied house. To keep the expensive heat indoors you may be rather reluctant to ventilate your home twice a day with open doors and windows. Both summer and winter. Or perhaps you forget to close again before you go to work in the morning!

Nejsum 1The situation was very much like this at Jannie and Mads Nejsum's home in Fly. Not to forget the couple's beloved and very long-haired Berner Sennen-dog CostaLot, which they take for a walk in all weathers and often the dog returns to the home with soaked coat.

Mads Nejsum Madsen says:
- We had problems with condensation on the windows in the bedroom and bathrooms, especially when it was cold outside.

The damp, enclosed air in the house smelled of wet dog when CostaLot came home from a walk in rain or snow, and there was a bad smell of smoke on days when we had smoking guests in the house. In a house with humid indoor air there is a permanent risk of black mould attacks on the building structure. Therefore an improvement of the indoor air had high priority when we decided to renovate our house thoroughly.

Jannie and Mads Nejsum left the indoor climate to a demand-controlled Dantherm residential ventilation unit. And it was the right solution, says Mads Nejsum.

- We chose a model that could be installed on the collar beam in the loft, where it is not in the way of anyone. In connection with the renovation of the house we had made ready for installation, and therefore the main installation work of the residential ventilation unit did not take long.

Nejsum 3Dantherm HCV/HCH residential ventilation is mechanical ventilation solutions for private homes, and the two wall models and two attic models in the series meet all Building Regulations for energy consumption and air change. The units are fitted with counter-flow heat exchangers, so designed that pressure loss and therefore power consumption is minimal.

There is a choice between demand-controlled automation and manual control via remote control. With demand-controlled automation you do not have to worry about ventilation, once the system is installed. Are there special needs or do you just want full manual control over every detail of the indoor climate, the unit comes with an optional remote control that in a simple and logical manner allows for advanced programming of the ventilation system.

- After having had the ventilation system installed, we got completely rid of the problems with condensation on the windows and the unpleasant smell of damp and wet dog in the house.

The plant almost looks after itself, and we do not need to worry about ventilation whatsoever. Now we have a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with fresh clean air. It is also reassuring to know that the air humidity is kept at the correct level, and that we do not have to fear for moisture damage such as black mould which cannot thrive in a dry house, "says Mads Nejsum.

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