No more humidity problems
in renovated house

Father and handyman Bjarke Skov did a part of the installation himself, when he invested in a residential ventilation plant from Dantherm, which now ensures his family a healthy home ... and a better night’s sleep.

Condensation on the inside of the windows in the morning, especially in the bedroom and the children's rooms. The sensation of moist air throughout the house. It is neither pleasant nor healthy. But such was the life of the family Skov's 180 m2 one-storey house in Skive.

Bjarke Skov says:
- Overall, we were bothered by bad indoor climate in the house, because in a busy everyday life it was difficult to remember to ventilate thoroughly two times a day during 5-10 minutes. It was particularly bad in winter when doors and windows cannot be left open for longer periods of time. When we decided to launch a major renovation, it was natural to investigate whether something could be done about the indoor air quality issues. And we found a solution.

The solution was a Dantherm residential ventilation unit, which now hangs in a discreet cupboard on the wall in the utility room. Bjarke Skov is a great handyman and with help from a few friends he did all piping and installation on a weekend.

HCV 4 instDantherm HCV/HCH residential ventilation is equipped with heat recovery which ensures optimum use of the heat calories. This means that the investment in the plant as a whole will pay for itself through savings on the heating bill. The alternative would be frequent, thorough ventilation throughout the house. And a large heat loss through the open windows and doors.

Dantherm residential ventilation is mechanical ventilation solutions for private homes, and the two wall models and two loft models in the series meet all regulatory requirements for energy and air change. The plants have counter-flow heat exchanger, designed so that pressure loss and power consumption is minimal.

There is choice between demand-controlled automation and manual control via remote control. With demand-controlled automation you do not have to worry about ventilation, once the system is installed. Are there special needs or do you just want full manual control over every detail of the indoor climate, the unit comes with an optional remote control that in a simple and logical manner allows for advanced programming of the ventilation system.

Bjarke Skov says that the plant almost looks after itself and it adapts itself to the changing needs of ventilation: - When for instance, we have guests and there is a high need for extra ventilation, the plant automatically speeds up, thanks to the built-in moisture sensor, which is one of the secrets behind the demand controlled ventilation, he says.

- Now there is no more condensation on the windows and we can see ourselves in the mirror in the morning, because there is virtually no dew on the bathroom mirror anymore. We also got rid of the bad smell from our pets, and as an extra advantage we sleep better at night. The ventilation supplies extra oxygen to the air, and we wake up more fresh and rested in the morning. 

- The extra investment is worth all the money and we recommend others who live in an older house with moisture problems to get a ventilation system from Dantherm installed, "says Bjarke Skov.

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