Get educated with our HCC 2
Residential Ventilation videos

We have made six extensive training videos for you to get familiar with our HCC 2 Residential Ventilation System. From features and accessories through installing and operating the system.

For full screen viewing just start the video you want and then click the full screen icon in the lower right corner.

Tip! It is possible to skip to certain parts within the videos.
Click the link below the video and it will take you to the video on our YouTube channel. In the descriptions section below the video there, simply click the timecodes of the section you want to watch.
(See red marking on image below)

HCC 2 General Presentation

HCC 2 presentation - features and accessories - YouTube view


How to operate HCC 2 

How to operate HCC 2 - YouTube view


How to install HCC2

How to install HCC 2 - Installation under ceiling and on the wall - YouTube view


How to calibrate HCC 2

Calibration of the unit with HCP 10 and PC tool - YouTube view


How to use the HCC 2 PC Tool - User level

PC tool - User level - YouTube view


How to use the HCC 2 PC Tool - Installer level

PC tool - Installer level - YouTube view






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