ECU for tent and shelters
- now with wheel kit

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dantherm's mobile ECU's for tents and shelters are known as compact and light-weight units compared to competing units with equal capacities for cooling and heating. Customer requirement for even easier handling of the AC-M11 has inspired our development engineers to design a unique and yet simple wheel solution.

The wheel kit is designed as a basic add-on-solution which can be fitted to the air conditioner on site without using any tools. Two cross bars are slid under the unit and the wheels are mounted on the two sides. Easy accessible handles lift the unit to 'transport mode' and the ECU can be transported and moved to the optimal position by 1 person alone. Moving the handles back to 'start position' lifts the two airless wheels from the ground and the unit finds a stable and secure position.

ACM 11 air conditioner with wheel kitIn situations and sites where no forklift is available the wheel solution enables rapid and easy deployment of the environment control systems. The wheels are of a soft and solid PU material and guaranteed punctureproof.

The wheel systems for the ACM 11 air conditioner and ACM 18 air conditioner have been tested and are now ready for sale. Similar solutions for the ACM 18 CBRN application will be released shortly.

Please contact Dantherm's Defence team for further information and prices.

Read about Dantherm's ACM 11 solution for tent cooling:


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