ECU with remote surveillance

Thursday, September 03, 2015

At DSEi in London later this month, Dantherm will present the first unit from a new generation of air conditioners with remote management and monitoring.

With this feature the ECU can be linked to the central control system via the Internet, Building Management Systems, LAN etc.

Cost reduction through efficient ventilation was introduced on the last DSEI event (HX-M100)and now we are following up with a new integratable, demand controlled ECU with remote management and monitoring. It will enable camp control to eliminate undesired operation profiles and eliminate the affiliated waste of precious energy.

Benefits and features of the new ECU with remote management and monitoring:

The benefit is reduced operating cost by achieving high efficiency on the power produced. The personnel resources used for operating and maintaining a camp or unmanned remote site is also optimised. The high efficiency is achieved through a demand controlled activity and power consumption, which reduces the need for produced power. With the remote surveillance the owner can log power consumption profiles for each unit and receive alarms in case maintenance is required. The alarm characteristics will prepare the maintenance personnel for the type of maintenance required prior to arrival on site – increasing preparedness.

The product operates based on a configuration file containing operating parameters suited for the specific application. Different applications require different operation parameters in order to achieve an optimum balance between spendings and fulfilling the task.

Take for instance a server container and a work shop facility. They require different internal temperature conditions and different noise levels - and an accommodation shelter requires a third setup.

With the new air conditioner, these optimized HVAC configurations can now be achieved by one and the same product.

The settings can be loaded or changed via laptop on site or via LAN/WEB.

Unintended use – such as operation in cooling mode when a window or door is open for a longer period of time can be prohibited. Should an occupant decide to have 18°C indoor temperature where the guideline is 26°C, a central control desk can override the air conditioner and ensure reduced power consumption.

The logged power profile for each application can be the basis for optimizing power budgets for the next deployed operation.

The unit can be hooked up to a Building Management System and communicate via Modbus protocol.


  • User interface can be controlled from a remote position
  • One person can control N camp(s) from one single panel
  • Remote monitoring
  • Lead/Lag operation
  • Application measurements (volt/amp)
  • Power consumption profile is logged
  • Multiple alarm output
  • Hot spot sensors
  • RS485 port
  • TTL link for external communication device (service tech.)
  • SD card reader/writer

We have more new projects on the way and we hope you can find time to meet our team in London for a live presentation. You will find us at stand No. S10-411 and we look forward to meeting you there.

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