Comparative study:
on/off vs. capacity-
controlled air conditioning

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Capacity-controlled DC air conditioning makes a major difference in creating savings and more stable operation, even in unstable power networks. This is what Dantherm Cooling set out to prove with this comparative study of capacity-controlled versus on/off-controlled AC and DC air conditioning.

See the impressive differences in power consumption and download the full white paper for test environment data and discussion of results.

Test results and download

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DC Air Conditioner
  • No power loss in conversion
  • Inverter eliminated
  • Capacity-controlled operation
  • Monoblock and split units
  • Closed loop cooling
  • Very high performance
  • High-quality compressor
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • For off-grid and hybrid sites
  • Ideal for battery cooling