Dantherm Cooling:
AirMaze product launch

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Dantherm AirMazePatent pending is compact air path protection, protecting your enclosed electronics from wind-driven rain, snow, sand and leaves even in highly challenging climates.

The Dantherm AirMaze is available for indoor- and outdoor-mounted Free Cooling units and protects your enclosed equipment without affecting the cooling capacity.

Find the AirMaze datasheet for download on our product pages for Flexibox Free CoolingDisplacement Free Cooling and Combo Cooling units.

AirMaze panel in text Cube In Text
AirMaze PanelPatent pending AirMaze CubePatent pending


Please note: the AirMaze Panel is displayed in a customised colour.

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Accessory facts:

For indoor and outdoor Free Cooling units
Protection from: water, sand, snow and leaves
Large air intake area
Prolonged filter service life
Optional bug screen