Dantherm releases solution for fast and efficient small-scale temporary cooling

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


With increasingly longer and hotter summers, the need for fast and efficient temporary small-scale cooling solutions is growing. The new ACT 7 water-cooled air conditioner from Dantherm delivers just that, making it an appealing stock item for rental companies and event organisations to offer their customers.

Whether the requirement is to cool down a retail space, marquee, small warehouse, server room or even an office where the existing air-conditioning system has broken down, the ACT 7 can deliver efficient cooling in a matter of minutes with no cooling knowledge or special training required to install the unit.

Whole-room cooling

In contrast to most air-cooled units, the ACT 7 provides whole-room cooling without the need to continually exhaust internal air. Because of this, the unit does not require a large exhaust air duct. Getting the ACT 7 up and running is simply a matter of connecting the cooling line connectors to the outdoor heat rejection unit. The two 22mm quick connect, self-sealing flexible hoses easily fit into a small window or door opening.

Smart details

The ACT 7 is packed with small but important details that make it easy to operate while adding mobility and comfort. Strong castors and handles ease handling, and its compact size makes it easily fit through narrow doors and in elevators. Air flow direction and speed can be adjusted for better control and comfort. Moreover, the special high gloss paint makes it very easy to keep the unit clean.

Two operation modes

The ACT 7 has two cooling modes: ‘air conditioning’ and ‘recirculation’. In ‘air conditioning’ mode, the unit’s electronic thermostat automatically keeps the room temperature at any cooling set point between 8°C and 35°C.

7kW capacity

The ACT 7 has a cooling capacity of up to 7 kW. It can operate in outdoor temperature ranges from 0°C to 40°C and in inside temperatures from 8°C to 35°C.

Further information

For further information, contact Product Manager Kresten Højgaard on phone +45 96 14 37 33, at Kresten.Hojgaard@Dantherm.com or visit the ACT 7 product page here