Use your smartphone to control your
residential ventilation

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

With the Dantherm Residential app you can easily control your residential ventilation system from your smartphone.

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The new app, Dantherm Residential App, come in an intuitive and userfriendly design and is available for iOS and Android.

You can control and select between the following functions:

  • Demand control operation
  • Manual operation
  • Week program operation
  • Night operation
  • Manual and automatic bypass cooling
  • Summer cooling
  • Fireplace mode
  • Alarms

Selection of operation mode
Select between manual control, demand control or week program control.

dantherm residential appBypass cooling
Dantherm residential ventilation units have a built-in automatic bypass function to obtain 100% free cooling with outdoor air, e.g. after a hot summer's day.

dantherm residential app







Week program operation
From 10 predefined week programs select one that suits you best.

dantherm residential app







Customize settings
In the settings menu you can customize a number of parameters.

dantherm residential appEasy to start
Download the free Dantherm Residential App on Google Play or App Store here.

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