HCC 2 Residential Ventilation video training

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Learn everything you need to know about the HCC 2 residential ventilation solution with our new and extensive video training material.

The training videos for the HCC 2 ventilation system will provide unique selling points and broad product knowledge for vendors, installers, service technicians and everyone else with an interest in the flexible mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system.

HCC 2 training videos

What you get with the HCC 2 training videos…

      • Features overview
      • Accessories presentation
      • Wired, wireless and PC Tool control demonstrations
      • Installation introduction
      • Calibration introduction
      • Dantherm PC tool demonstration, User level
      • Dantherm PC tool demonstration, Installer level

How to use the videos…

We made six videos for you, that you can watch as you want. The videos are always available for you to refer back to. Simply go to the webpage.

It is possible to skip to certain parts within the videos. Click the YouTube logo on the video and it will take you to the video in our YouTube channel. In the descriptions section below the video, simply click the timecodes of the section you want to watch.

Watch HCC 2 presentation and training videos

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