Save energy in deployable
field camps

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Are you using heating, cooling and air conditioning in for example military camps, relief camps, or man camps in the oil, gas and mining industry you will know that HVAC products account for up to 80% of the entire energy consumption. This is a heavy burden on any energy budget, so any saving that can be made in this area have significant cost implications. Therefore, at Dantherm we are constantly working on designing even more energy efficient HVAC products.

The latest product in our range of energy-saving HVAC products is an energy saving heat exchanger ventilation unit which is used as an accessory to air conditioners, climate units or simple ventilation in deployable field camps.

This unit designated HX-M100 is designed to be mounted inside the container or shelter, preferably under the roof where supply air and return air ducting also is to be placed.


Able to be equipped with a G3 filter and sand trap, the HX-M100 is employed to supply and exchange fresh air into a container. By treating hot air before it enters the container, there is none of the wastage associated with conventional systems, which often expel air that has already been cooled in the interests of exchanging stale air for fresh. The HX-M100 uses that cold air to cool the incoming air, without any needless waste of energy. Up to 50 % energy can be saved by using this new unit to control the climate inside containers and shelters.

HX-M100 functionThe new HX-M100 heat exchanger ventilation unit was launched at this year's Defence and Security exhibition (DSEI) in London. It attracted a lot of attention from the audience who are all prompted with the task of reducing fuel and energy consumption.

It is a political priority to reduce the power consumption of deployable camps. There is a significant potential for reducing this power and economical burden by large figures. It can be done with little effort, little training and a limited investment. The benefit is present in warm and cold operation theatres.

  • The savings are significant
  • The political agenda is prioritized
  • The health and work environment is improved
  • The environment benefits from lower CO2 emission


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Energy saving
ventilation HX-M 100

Easy mounting in 20" and 40" containers.
Reduces power consumption for HVAC.
Ensures fresh oxygen for the working occupants.
Reduces CO2 emission.
Simple user interface for adjustment of fresh air.
Cost saving.