Indirect oil heaters range
heavily expanded

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

With Dantherms’ recent acquisition of Master Climate Solutions we have dramatically expanded our line of mobile indirect fuel fired heaters with more selection choices in the 18-40 kW range as well as an array of units up to 220 kW performance.

Clean, dry and fume free hot air

The indirect fuel fired BV-series is a range of highly efficient devices that provide large volumes of 100% clean, dry and fume free hot air for tents and other buildings. They can be used with flexible hoses that make warm air spread around easily.

BV 500 functionality and main components

Huge capacity range

The smaller to medium capacity units from BV 77 to BV 290 range from 20-81 Kw heating power are highly mobile and versatile. They can be used for any number of purposes in space heating like tents, garages and warehouses.

BV 77 - green version


The larger BV 500 units with separate burner are equipped with a fuel tank and easy to move or transport. They also have the possibility to adjust combustion in case of relevant change of altitude. They can be used with one or two flexible tubes to spread the warm air.

BV 500 with double recycling through four flexible tubes

The large AIR-BUS units have a wide heat exchanger in stainless steel pipes and an external burner. They offer high efficiency and the possibility of connecting up to 4 hoses per unit.

AIR-BUS unit

Applications, specifications and quotes

For more information on features and the possible application of the BV-series, watch this video from a Croatian refugee camp

For further information and product specifications visit this page on the Master Climate Solutions website.

If you need support on a specific project or if you want a price quote, please contact our sales department here


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