Management changes in the Dantherm Group

Monday, February 03, 2020

Skive, Denmark, 3 February 2020

Dantherm Group’s CEO Casper Andersen will leave his position and is succeeded by Bjarke Brøns, the current Dantherm Group CFO. Bjarke has been with Dantherm for a total of 11 years and knows the company exceptionally well.

Based in Pastrengo, Italy, Stefano Verani has been appointed the new head of sales and marketing for the entire Dantherm Group. Stefano is the CEO for the Master Group and he joined Dantherm as part of the Master acquisition in 2017.

While continuing in his role as the COO of the Dantherm Group being responsible for production and supply chain management, Jakob Bonde Jessen takes over the responsibility for R&D. Jakob joined Dantherm A/S in 2018.

Together, the new group management team will focus on organic growth and further integrating the group companies in order to strengthen our market position and earnings.