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Monday, May 29, 2017


Dantherm AC-M16 tent application

With the AC-M16 Dantherm has developed a plug and play soft wall air-conditioning solution for temporary or transportable buildings and tents.

AC-M16 is your cost effective high-end solution for humanitarian and military camps providing comfortable living and working conditions for its occupants.

Requiring no special training or tools of any kind the AC-M16 can be set up and running on site within minutes. It will subsequently run smoothly with high up-time and low maintenance costs in all climate zones above +20°C.

The light-weight but rugged unit is designed to be placed outside with supply air and return air ducted to the tents. It is capable of maintaining the shelter temperature at +20-25°C when the shelter is built accordingly.

Multiple accessories included

The AC-M16 is a plug and play unit that comes pre-packed with a wide array of accessories like thermostats, wheels, earth spikes and ducts. Accessories can be customized to tailor to your specific mission setup.

Dantherm AC-M16 with standard equipment (wheels are also included)

AC-M16 mounted with standard equipment.

How the AC-M16 works

The function of the AC-M16 is based on a cooling circuit and two powerful fans.

The evaporator section contains a filter for cleaning the recirculated air from particles and a stepless fresh air damper design.

The condenser section contains one condenser and a large axial fan, returning the heat taken from the internal air to the outside atmosphere.

Project delivered to a European army

The AC-M16 was originally developed as a tender project for one of Europe’s largest armed forces. 100 units have already been ordered, and the first 50 of those delivered for deployment in Africa.

Main features:

      • High performance
      • Light weight
      • Designed for optimal utilization of a standard 20" ISO container (16 pcs.)
      • Plug and play solution. Automatic phase detection and correction. No tool operation needed.
      • Low preventive maintenance requirement – first line capability.
      • Low noise – sound pressure <60 dB(A)
      • Vibration hardened through extensive laboratory testing
      • All sheet metal parts are protected against corrosion by a minimum 80μm top coat

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Dantherm AC-M16 air conditioner for mobile deployment

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