New CDF dehumidifier-range
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Thursday, September 21, 2017



Libraries, museums, wine cellars and other humidity-sensitive buildings can be better and more easily protected with the new CDF-series of exclusive and energy saving dehumidifiers from Dantherm.


It can be a challenge to find the right product to protect buildings and valuable inventory from humidity damage. It doesn’t take much excessive humidity for damage to be done in archives, museums, wine cellars and other places, where artefacts can often be sensitive and valuable.

With the development of the new assortment of CDF-dehumidifiers, Dantherm has listened to requests from the market. The task for the engineers in Dantherm’s R&D department has been to build a dehumidifier with focus on improvements in quality, functionality, reliability and energy consumption.

The result is a series of dehumidifiers right at the top of the quality scale with significant progress on a number of areas such as efficiency, dehumidification capacity, noise level and potential for remote control. With considerably lower energy consumption, there is also a lot of money to be saved on running costs, compared to competing products in the market, as well as the previous CDF-models from Dantherm that they will now replace.

Illustration of a possible CDF setup in a museum hall with air flow symbols.

Unique options for control and surveillance

Strongly improved options for control and surveillance is part of what sets the new CDF-series apart. The possibilities of receiving alarms, wireless remote control, BMS communication (Modbus) and integrated heat management, including boiler and hot water pump control, are not available to the same extent in the current market for this type of dehumidifier.

Optional wireless remote control for the new CDF-range

Beautiful design in black and silver

The new CDF-generation is comprised of three lightweight models that are all well suited for wall mounting: CDF 40, CDF 50 and CDF 70. It is rare that dehumidifiers are clearly influenced by considerations of design and aesthetics, but here too the CDF-models stand out. With its elegant and timeless design in black and silver and with clean lines, the CDF is a dehumidifier that can hang in the open in museum halls and other environments where aesthetics plays an important role.

In addition, the design process has ensured that the dehumidifiers are easy to install and service.

Wide range of accessories

The range of accessories in the CDF-series has also been expanded. Electric heating coils are new in the range, as are exhaust fans, valves for water heating coils and wireless remote control options of both humidity and temperature.

The CDF series is both developed and produced at Dantherm’s facility in Denmark.

Visit the CDF product page

To learn more about how the CDF-series can benefit you. Visit the product page here.


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