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Sunday, October 23, 2016

DanX XD&HP swimming pool air conditionFrom owners of medium sized indoor pools there is an increasing demand for energy-efficient dehumidification systems with outdoor air supply in combination with dehumidification, ventilation and heat recovery.

To meet this demand Dantherm’s cost-effective DanX XD & HP range has been increased with a smaller model with air volumes from 500 to 1300 m3/h: DanX 1 XD & HP.

The DanX 1 XD & HP is the perfect solution for private swimming pools, hotel swimming pools, therapeutic swimming pools and other medium sized indoor pools.

Pool owners' benefits with DanX XD & HP range:

      • Very low operating costs and short payback time
      • An ideal and pleasant climate for the users of the pool.
      • Protection of the building structure against moisture damage.
      • Automatic ventilation, dehumidification and temperature control of your pool room round-the-clock.
      • Energy-efficient and reliable products from an expert in air handling solutions for swimming pools.
DanX 1XD 1HP 2xd 2HP 3XD 3HP
Air volume (m3/h) 500-1300  1000-2100 1500-3500
Nominal air volume (m3/h) 1000  1750 2750
Outdoor air volume (%) 0-100
HxWxD (mm) 1595x1750x515 1595x1750x780 1945x2250x890 
Weight (kg) 254 279 344 379 546 500 

Key features of the DanX XD & HP range

          • Self-supporting cabinet with 50 mm sandwich panels
          • Hot dip galvanised sheet metal and powder coating internally and externally before assembly, corrosion class C4
          • Internal partition walls of 30 mm sandwich panels
          • Two large hinged doors give easy access to the unit
          • Eurovent certified epoxy coated heat exchangers with low pressure drop
          • Plug fan with built-in, high-efficiency EC motor
          • Epoxy coated coils
          • Water-cooled condensers as an option
          • Integrated control panel with special software for swimming pool dehumidification / ventilation
          • Connection to BMS by Modbus or Bacnet

This extraordinarily energy efficient indoor climate solution for small and medium sized pool rooms has already proved its worth. Many small and medium sized pool rooms all over Europe benefit from a perfect indoor climate thanks to this compact and ultra-solid all-in-one ventilation and dehumidification unit which appeals to private houses with indoor swimming pools as well as hotel pools and wellness centers etc.

See how a hotel owner in Hungary got a perfect indoor climate in his wellness facility

The combination of a mixing box and double cross flow heat exchanger (XD) plus heat pump (HP) ensures an exact control of the humidity and indoor temperature in the pool room. All year round and during all conditions. Any operation and adjustment of the unit is easily and quickly carried out on the built-in, intelligent control panel, which also opens up for the possibility of integrating the unit in digital network solutions and BMS. 

With efficiencies close to 90% (XD) or even over 100% (HP) the energy consumption and the operating costs are reduced considerably. The installation costs are kept at a bare minimum as the DanX XD & HP is mounted as one single unit, which easily and nicely can fit into a technical room in connection with the pool. 

Altogether, this means that the DanX XD & HP range promises exceptionally high comfort at impressive low service life costs.   

Here you can order a technical booklet for the DanX XD & HP range:

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