The well-known mobile CDT
dehumidifiers have been
updated for even more
precise control

Friday, February 01, 2013

The well-known Dantherm CDT range of mobile dehumidifiers have been updated for even more precise control which allows for even higher energy efficiency.

CDT 40 SDantherm mobile CDT dehumidifiers have long been a favourite within damage service companies and the building industry all over the world. Now every unit in the range offering capacities from 30 to 94 l/24 h has been updated with a digital display offering new sought-after control features.

The new control offers quick and easy navigation with a finger touch display and clearly visible exact digital read out to ensure safe and efficient settings for the operation of the unit.

The digital hour counter has an improved accuracy of +/- 1%, but what will please insurance companies even more is the kWh counter that will measure the exact energy consumption. A battery allows you to read the exact hour and energy consumption even when the unit has been switched off.

CDT panel_newsThe new control features integrated RH-setting allowing you to set a value for the desired relative humidity, when it is met the unit stops in order to save energy and avoid undesired dry out. This is controlled by an internal hygrostat; however, it is still possible to connect an external hygrostat to control the unit.

Finally the new display offers advanced self-diagnosis and fault finding features that will alert you and identify the most common sources of malfunctioning. The display can also be set to alert you when regular maintenance is due.

CDT with condensate pump cassette
The mobile CDT dehumidifier can be supplied with a condensate pump cassette which is fitted instead of the water container. It pumps the condensate water to a drain. Using this condensate pump will enable your dehumidifier to run maintenance free, you will no longer have to empty a heavy reservoir filled with water. The lifting height is max. 4 m. The condensate pump cassette is available as accessory.

Special versions with ducts
The two special models CDT 30 S and CDT 40 S are fitted with a 1 kW heating element and a high pressure fan allowing connection of flexible air ducts. This is particularly suitable for drying out wet wooden floors.

See the video: new features of the updated CDT mobile dehumidifier.

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