Part 2: humidity a NON-ISSUE
when applying free cooling
and air conditioning in
humid regions

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Free cooling at Telecom sites in humid regions...that sounds kind of risky, right - so why even try? Because free cooling is the most energy-efficient cooling method and the highest savings generator within electronics cooling. And the best thing is: you don't have to worry about high relative humidity - even when installed with air conditioning.

Why did we conduct this study?

Most Telecom operators have this in common: they want the most energy-efficient site cooling possible. There is really just one answer to that: Free cooling. But as efficient as this technology is, it's also connected with a concern of damaging the enclosed equipment, when installed in humid surroundings. 

The concern is understandable, but unnecessary. Free cooling can in fact be applied in spite of high relative humidity of the ambient air and we would like to prove it.

Read part 2 of our new white paper series discussing humidity in relation to using free cooling and air conditioning

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Dantherm white paper series free cooling and air conditioning with high relative humidity

Can you apply free cooling with air conditioning in spite of high relative humidity? Yes, you can. Read the full white paper to find out why.

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