6th product generation:
Flexibox Free Cooling
with new CC3000 controller

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New product from Dantherm next-generation Free Cooling and CC3000 cooling controllerDantherm releases the 6th generation of Flexibox Free Cooling units, offering cost-effective controlled ventilation. The solution cools by means of ambient air without using a compressor, generating significant savings in all climates. 

Browser-based remote cooling control

Flexibox Free Cooling 900 is designed with the Dantherm-developed CC3000 cooling controller, which features browser-based live monitoring and configuration, built-in dual-zone cooling function and night mode.

Flexible installation and savings in all locations

Free Cooling can be used stand-alone or combined with e.g. existing air conditioning. This ensures maximum use of passive cooling, prolongs the air conditioner service life and generates significant OPEX savings in all locations and climates.

Read more on the Flexibox product page.

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Facts: Free Cooling

Very high savings
Controlled ventilation
Total heat management
Over-pressure system
Extra air path protection
Remote climate control
Energy-saving strategy
Long service life
Wide geographical usage