Mobile Dantherm heaters keep
thousands of refugees warm
this winter

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A large number of refugees is coming to Europe these months to seek peace and protection from war and violence. The unfortunate situation cries out for alternative housing solutions and countries across Europe have taken extraordinary measures to create accommodations for the refugees.

Many of these temporary housing solutions need heating to be livable for the refugees in the cold winter weather, and relief agencies and NGOs have drawn on Dantherm's extensive experience and knowledge in the field of heating temporary tents and shelters. From tent camps to re-purposed parking garages, the Dantherm VA-M 40 mobile diesel heaters are installed to provide basic heating.

VA-M heater in parking garageVA-M 40 in parking garage being turned into refugee shelter

VA-M 40 heating a Red Cross tent for housing refugeesVA-M 40 heating a Red Cross tent for housing refugees

Tent camp for refugees in DenmarkVA-M 40 used in tent camp for refugees

Dantherm heater in winter tent campVA-M 40 in winter tent camp

Operating costs are significantly lower with diesel heaters than with electrical heaters. In addition the outdoor units allow 100% availability of the indoor space for the occupants.

Dantherm heaters are designed with durability and health and safety as top priority. Health and safety concerns the occupants inside the tent but also the operator and maintenance personnel.

Here is a list of important features that heaters should have to ensure health and safety for personnel and occupants.

The heaters must:

  • Comply to EN 13842
  • Be fully insulated – also on the chimney
  • Have CO monitor with shutdown, visual alarm and audible alarm
  • Have low voltage controls and thermostat, where personnel is touching
  • Have water separator, air bleeder and several fuel filters
  • Have limit and OT thermostats
  • Have a window to the combustion chamber for visually determining flame presence
  • Have flame surveillance and shutdown in case of flame failure
  • Ducting: Flammability must be min. DIN 4102 class B1, UL-V0
  • Ducting quality: Outdoor ducting should have stainless steel spirals

When all these requirements are met, there is no danger for the occupants and the maintenance personnel.

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