Tobias Netz – new managing director of Dantherm AB, Sweden

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Skive, Denmark, 4 June 2019

The Dantherm Group has appointed Tobias Netz new managing director of Swedish Dantherm AB, located in Norrköping. Tasked with an aim of making the Dantherm Group a known and respected brand across Sweden’s industries, Tobias Netz has already signed on and been through a complete onboarding programme at the group headquarters in Skive, Denmark.

Tobias Netz is 38 years old and has an engineering degree in HVAC/refrigeration from IUC Katrineholm. He has more than 18 years of experience in sales, service, product and business area management from various companies in the indoor climate control industry, where the Dantherm Group operates too. Most recently, he was the business area manager for cooling and datacenter solutions at Swegon Sverige AB.

Cooperating closely with the Dantherm Group executive management, Tobias’ first main task is to set the right strategy for the Swedish market in order to continue and boost the positive development in the market.

“With a long track record dating back to 1958, the Dantherm Group today stands out for its climate control expertise and superbly reliable products and solutions developed to reduce customer costs and energy consumption,” Tobias states and continues: “Our portfolio of products is overwhelming, so one of my priorities will also be to communicate to selected industry segments exactly how we can help them lift their own business by means of applying Dantherm solutions across the board. My vast experience from the HVAC and cooling industry will undoubtedly become their advantage too,” he ends.

With the new Swedish management in place, Dantherm Group further strengthens its efforts with the many opportunities that exist in the continued development of the business in current and new markets and through further acquisitions.

Dantherm was acquired by the Swedish private equity fund Procuritas PCI V in January 2016. Since then, Dantherm Group’s revenue has tripled to around 1 billion DKK through organic growth and acquisitions, and today Dantherm Group employs around 600 people across several continents.

For further information, please contact Tobias directly on mobile +46 11-19 30 45 or email

Søren Østergaard Hansen
Group CCO, Dantherm Group