Vent R & Vent C

  • Dantherm ventilation Model Vent C6
  • Dantherm ventilation Model Vent R
  • Ventilation Model Vent R2, open

Complete air handling units with heat recovery for schools, offices and institutions.

The compact VENT ventilation units are part of Dantherm's plug-and-play programme and the ideal solution for smaller projects where demand management and efficient heat recovery are important priorities.

The VentC unit features a cross flow heat exchanger offering the advantage of separating exhaust air and supply air.

The VentR is designed for comfort ventilation and features a rotary heat exchanger that provides high energy recovery with up to 85 % efficiency.

The VentC and the VentR offer significant energy savings thanks to the direct-driven plug fans with frequency converters. The integrated control system, standard on all VENT units, is another important, energy-saving factor.

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Reference list

  • Commercial ventilation
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Institutions
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
Features and Advantages
  • Hot-galvanized cabinet with 50 mm insulation
  • Filters: Fresh air F7/exhaust F5
  • Energy-saving plug fan
  • Motors with built-in frequency converters
  • Rotary heat exchanger with up to 85% efficiency
  • Cross-flow heat exchanger with up to 65% efficiency
  • By-pass for free cooling and defrosting
  • Bottom frame
  • Integrated control with micro processor technique
  • Control unit for wall mounting
ventilation unitvent c 2vent c 4vent c 6vent r 2vent r 4vent r 6
Min. air volume (m3/h) 400   600  800 400  600   800
Max. air volume (m3/h) 2200 3500 5200  2200  3500  5200 
Duct connection (Ømm) 315 400  500  315  400   500
Weight (kg) 280  330 550   260  280 490 
Cross flow heat exchanger bullet  bullet bullet       
Rotary heat exchanger        bullet  bullet bullet 
  • Dantherm Vent Controller Vent Controller
  • Vent Heat Exchanger Vent heat exchanger
  • Vent Plug Fan Vent Plug Fan
  • Ventilation Vent C6 Vent C6
  • Dantherm Vent R Vent R
  • Vent R2 Open Vent R2 Open
  • Vent R2 Open Vent R2 Open
  • Ventilation of swimmingpools Vent 2R
  • Dantherm swimming pool ventilation Vent C6
  • Fresh air/exhaust air dampers for duct mounting
  • Roof for outdoor installation
  • Re-heat coil for water or electricity for duct mounting
  • Cooling coil for chilled water or direct expansion
Service manual