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With more than 20 years of developing and producing cooling solutions for the Telecom industry, Dantherm knows the business and the challenges met by network operators and suppliers.

Drive down costs, maximize uptime

Our solutions are customized for the Telecom industry and provide reliable, energy-efficient heat removal from shelters, cabinets, enclosures and rooms containing temperature-sensitive electronic and telecommunications equipment.

This makes Dantherm the preferred partner for electronics cooling and substantiates our position as the leading global supplier of climate control solutions.

Leaders in innovation

Dantherm is committed to finding new ways to meeting your cooling requirements while lowering energy consumption. Our analysts, customer specialists and R&D team constantly work to challenge the status quo and innovate our solutions to deliver even greater value.

2020 energy ambition

Meet your 2020 energy ambition now with Dantherm's energy saving cooling products

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