High-capacity Free Cooling

  • Dantherm high-capacity free cooling up to 12kw for Telecom shelters Dantherm TKS60
  • Dantherm Free Cooling up to 12kW: high-capacity Free cooling for Telecom shelters Dantherm TKS60
  • High-capacity free cooling by Dantherm for Telecom shelters Dantherm TKS60

for Telecom shelters


Features and Benefits







Dantherm AirMaze(pat.pend.)

 bullet  Indoor-mounted Free Cooling units

bullet   Protection against wind-driven water, sand, snow and leaves

AirMaze panel in text

Motorized damper

Motorized _damper _for _Flexibox _air _outlet


bullet   Built-in controller 

bullet   Dantherm TKS 3000 

TKS_3000_for _Flexibox


bullet   Built-in controller 

bullet   Dantherm ACUE 3000 

ACUE_3000_for _Flexibox


bullet   Dantherm Remote Climate Control 

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Datasheets AirMaze

Datasheets Controllers

Datasheet Dantherm TKS 60