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  • Dantherm container air conditioner AC-M5MKII, back
  • Dantherm container cooling AC-M5MKII

Air conditioner for container cooling.

The AC-M5MKII air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 5 kW and a heating capacity of 2 kW. The unit is designed for window mounting in ISO containers.

By means of a trap door system, the air conditioner is mounted inside the container to ensure easy and practical transportation. The unit is pushed outside of the container for operation.

The function of the AC-M5MKII is based on a cooling circuit with two powerful fans. The evaporator section (inside the container) contains the evaporator and a radial fan which draws the warm internal air from the shelter through the cold evaporator and blows out the cooled air through the discharge grill. The condenser section (outside the container) contains the condenser and an axial fan which returns the heat taken from the internal air to the outside.

The condenser circuit is not filtered. Instead of filtering this air path, sand and debris entering the unit is expelled through holes at the bottom of the unit. This means low maintenance.

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Features and Benefits
  • The AC-M5MKII is manufactured from hot dip galvanized and powder coated steel sheet.
  • AC-M5MKII and trap door is a 100% bolt-on upgrade for customers already using the AC-M5W.
  • No fresh air intake, as to qualify CBRN/COLPRO compliance.
  • When in operation and transportation mode the trap door and AC-M5MKII provides an air tight boundary to ambient environment.
  • The above qualifies for CBRN/COLPRO compatibility.
  • The trap door unit also serves as protection against rain and extreme sun when the unit is operating.
  • NATO green, IR reflective, BS381C285. Optional colors on request.
  • Provides cooling at ambient temperatures up to + 60°C.
  • Scroll compressor for high degree of reliability and low noise level.
  • Environment-friendly R134a refrigerant.
  • 5 kW cooling standard.
  • 2 kW heating standard.
  • Safety high pressure switch to prevent over pressure.
  • Easy to operate microprocessor to control temperature and comply with EMC military standard.
  • No external room thermostat. Only cable exiting the unit is mains 230V.
  • Two speed selector for the internal fan.
  • “VENT-only” option, allowing air circulation without cooling or heating.
  • PPI 15 filtering recirculated air, within the shelter.
  • Easy mounting into the trap door system, by means of a forklift or crane.
  • During transport the AC-M5MKII is stored safely, bolted to the trap door within the ISO corners of container.
  • Possibility to lock the trapdoor with a padlock or positively lock the trapdoor for under-slung transportation by helicopter.
  • CE-marked.
  • AC-M5MKII and trap door setup complies with Def Stan 59-411 Land Class C.
  • ErP 2015 compliant.
Container coolingAC-m5mkiI
NATO Stock Number (w/o heating element) N/A
NATO StockNumber (with heating element) 4120-22-624-3431
Operating range, ambient temperature, cooling 20-60oC
Operating range, ambient temperature, heating -32-(+20oC)
Airflow, internal, step I / II 417 / 900 m3/h
Airflow, fresh air intake, step I / II N/A
Airflow, external 1475 m3/h
Max. cooling capacity Note The cooling capacity can change considerably depending on air temperature and humidity 4,7 kW
Cooling capacity @ 55/55oC 4,7 kW
Cooling capacity @ 35/27oC 3,3 kW
Heating capacity (with electric heating element) 2,0 kW
Power supply 1x230 V / 50 Hz
Max. running current, cooling 9,8 A
Max. running current, heating 9,3 A
Locked rotor amperage (LRA), cooling 47 A
Max. power consumption 2,3 kW
Refrigerant / quantity R134a / 1,4 kg
Filter material PPI 15
Protection class IP55
Noise level, @ 1 m distance, step I / II 49 / 63,5
Weight net / weight with trap door system 79 / 105,5 kg
  • ACM 5 MK II Control Panel AC-M5MKII Control Panel
  • ACM 5 MK II
  • Trap door unit, containing trap door and mounting kit
  • Welding frame for corrugated container (same as AC-M5W)
Service manual