HX-M 100
container ventilation

  • HXM 100 container ventilation HXM 100

Energy saving ventilation unit for containers

The purpose of the mobile energy saving ventilation unit, HX-M100, is to reduce the operating cost of climate conditioned containers. By treating ambient fresh air, before it enters the internal side of a container, the solution can potentially save up to 50 % of the power consumption used to control the climate inside the container.

The HXM 100 is a small, highly efficient add-on heat exchanger unit designed to supply and exchange fresh air into containers. The unit is designed to be mounted inside the container, preferably under the roof where supply air and return air ducting also is to be placed.

The heat exchanger unit is designed to operate together with an AC-M5MKII or any other climate unit. The great benefit using the HXM 100 together with a climate unit is in situations where the container contains personnel and fresh air is needed.

With an HX-M 100 heat exchanger unit, the cold air is used to cool down the warmer fresh air through the heat exchanger before it enters the container. This minimizes the operation time of climate units.

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Energy saving
ventilation HX-M 100

Easy mounting in 20" and 40" containers.
Reduces power consumption for HVAC.
Ensures fresh oxygen for the working occupants.
Reduces CO2 emission.
Simple user interface for adjustment of fresh air.
Cost saving.

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  • Containers
Features and Benefits
  • Designed for easy mounting in 20" or 40" containers
  • Operating range up to +60°C
  • Simple user interface for adjusting the fresh air volume
  • Indoor service hatches for checking and replacing filters
  • Alu-zink sheet metal finish and white painted front cover
  • G4 filter
  • CE-marked
  • ErP 2015 compliant
Container ventilationHXM 100
NATO Stock Number  4120-22-625-7433
Operating range +20 to +60oC
Airflow supply air - up to 50/80/110 m3/h
Airflow exhaust air - up to 50/80/110 m3/h
Power supply 1x230 V / 50 Hz
Nominal power consumption, standard setup 10/15/25 W
Filter class EN779 G4
Ingress protection class 41
Insulation material DIN 4102 B2
Noise level (stand-alone) 2 meter distance 43 Lp dB(A)
Heat exchanger efficiency >80%
Weight (without accessory) 25,5 kg
Cabinet, AL-Zn galvanized sheet metal plate 0,8 mm
Color RAL 9016 (white)
Air duct connection (standard setup) 100 Ømm
  • HXM 100
  • Sand trap, external for HXM100 Sand trap, external
  • Sand trap, internal for HXM100 Sand trap, internal
  • Trap door for HXM100 Trap door, external
  • Change of filter at HXM 100 Change of filter
  • Highly efficient mobile ventilation Highly efficient mobile ventilation
  • Energy saving ventilation Energy saving ventilation
  • Expert reliability savings Expert reliability savings
  • Energy recovery Energy recovery
  • Package with different types of Ø100mm ducting, flexible ducting, 90° bends, ducting connections, and sand trap for mounting outside container wall in desert areas or harsh environments.
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