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We have learned a great deal from our customers about their expectations and their understanding of what a service entails and what can be practically achieved for a sensible cost.

We are trying to help our customers to understand what our engineers do on a service visit. Equally it is important to understand what we don’t do, and why not! The guide describes this in some detail.
Finally all components have a lifetime, and you should expect parts to fail eventually. Good service will dramatically extend the life effectiveness of parts and equipment, but be sure that they will fail one day.

The question is ‘When should we replace old components?”

• The first option is when they look old or they start to show signs of wear
• The second option is to wait until they actually fail.

The Dantherm strategy is to look for signs of component failure, and ask our customers to make the decision to replace or wait based on the symptoms we find.
If we are not sure then we leave existing components in place. We do not charge you to change components just because they are old.

This means that sometimes your equipment will fail, even after a service visit. In this guide we explain why this happens and show yo that the failure is often the result of the engineer taking a considered risk to save you money, hopefully with your knowledge and approval.

Please feel free to call us if you need a more detailed explanation.

Download the pdf and read in detail the facts

Rachel Stackhouse, After Sales Manager

Rachel Stackhouse
After Sales Manager
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Hear how our customers have saved money

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