Eastern Leisure Centre

New non-pool AHU range
extend Dantherm’s offering.
We are now able to offer
whole building solutions
for leisure centres.

White Young Green drew on Dantherm’s extensive application knowledge to select a suitable DANX ventilation system to serve the swimming pool hall.

In addition to the pool unit, there were a further 3 AHUs that were required to serve the Wet Change area, along with other general areas. The project had very tight financial constraints, but Dantherm were able to offer a competitive solution using our new WD range.

The Wet Change unit is supplied with specialist features required deal with the corrosive nature of the chlorine laden environment and high levels of humidity. All three units are equipped with factory fitted control packages, with touch screen interfaces, and are able to communicate with the BMS system via MODBUS RTU.

Project highlights:

  • All AHUs sourced from a single manufacturer.
  • Specialist application knowledge for pool & leisure AHUs.
  • Competitive solution for non-pool AHUs.
  • Simplified installation for contractor, all units supplied with factory fitted controls package, programmed & commissioned by Dantherm Ltd.


Jamie Herdman, Commercial Sales Manager

Jamie Herdman
Commercial Sales Manager
Tel: +44 1962 771414
Mobile: +44 7831 094556

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