Dantherm Ltd. solution
enables a fully funded ESCO
project for a Charitable
Leisure Trust

Leading charitable leisure trust Halo Leisure are set to reduce their annual energy expenditure by 25% with no capital expenditure required after becoming the first leisure trust to complete an energy saving ESCO project.

The Savings:
Dantherm are to generate over 2,800,000 kWh and 175,000 kWh savings in gas and electricity respectively per year after providing Halo with the latest energy saving solution for swimming pools.

As a result of the energy savings carbon output will be reduced by over 600 tonnes per year.

The ESCO Scheme:
Ynysawdre Pool and fitness centreThe energy saving solutions installed at Bridgend Recreation Centre, Pyle Swimming Pool, Pencoed Swimming Pool and Ynysawdre Pool and Fitness Centre were implemented without the need for Capital Expenditure from Halo, or Bridgend County Borough Council, after funding was provided through investment vehicle Anesco Energy Services (South) Ltd. Benefiting from a share of the energy savings, and with all operational and maintenance costs included in the ESCO contract; Halo Leisure will achieve an immediate reduction in their Operating Costs.

The agreement will run for 12 years, after which time ownership of the efficiency measures and the whole share of the energy savings will pass to Halo Leisure. 

DanX at Bridgend Leisure CentreIan Furmidge, Managing Director of Dantherm Ltd, commented "we modelled the energy savings that could be achieved at each of the four sites, and we calculated that the energy savings at three of them could support the cost of completing a fourth installation where the existing equipment had reached the end of its life.  This allowed Halo to redirect their capital budget towards improving the customer experience at the Bridgend Leisure Centre".

Installation, maintenance and monitoring:
Dantherm delivered a full turnkey installation, with a particular focus on keeping each site safely open to the public whilst work was carried out. Site works started at the end of October 2013 at Ynysawdre Pool, and was completed with the commissioning of Bridgend Leisure Centre ahead of schedule in December 2013.

Dantherm will warrant, maintain and monitor the performance of the equipment during the ESCO contract.

Customer comments:
Andrew Talbot, Head of Technical Services for Halo Leisure, commented; "As part of the contract to run 8 leisure facilities for Bridgend County Borough Council Halo Leisure is required to reduce its energy consumption by 2% per annum over the first 10 years of the contract. This project has helped to deliver the full 20% saving at 3 of the Centres Halo operates and significantly reduced energy at a fourth centre within year 2 of a 15 year contract. It has also meant that the replacement of the units was brought forward within the repairs and renewals plan".


  • No upfront cost and guaranteed saving for the leisure trust.
  • Substantial energy and carbon savings generated.
  • Dantherm delivered an on time installation that had no adverse impact customers enjoyment of the leisure centres facilities.
  • Significant reduction on current maintenance costs.
  • Replacement of equipment approaching the end of its life, allowing capital budgets to be allocated elsewhere.
  • Improved pool hall conditions for bather comfort and building protection.

Read how Halo Leisure in Hereforshire and Bridgend County cuts its energy bills by 25% through an Anesco ESCO Energy Services Company Contract.

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