DanX XKS Swimming Pool
Air Management

  • Dantherm ventilation DanX XKS Model DanX XKS
  • Dantherm swimming hall ventilation Model DanX XKS, open

Swimming pool ventilation with cross flow heat exchanger.

In swimming pool halls, high relative humidity and condensation can reduce the well-being of the visitors and cause damage to the building. Dantherm's corrosion-proof dehumidification plants offer significant heat recovery and high-quality management of the indoor climate.

DanX XKS daytime/nighttime - heating: A proportion of recirculated air with heating, 1-stage heat recovery and dehumidification with outside air.

The DanX XKS is a fresh air dehumidification system with a highly efficient cross flow heat exchanger. This system perfectly controls the humidity and indoor temperature whilst offering energy recovery of up to 80 %. The integrated mixing section ensures that only the exact quantity of fresh air needed is supplied, which keeps running costs at a minimum.

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Read about Saving Energy in Leisure Centres.

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Saving Energy in Leisure Centres

  • Hotel pools
  • Wellness centres
  • Leisure centres
  • Municipal/Commercial swimming pools
  • Leisure fun pools
  • Spa resorts
Features and Advantages
  • User friendly control system for high-quality demand management. With automatic monitoring and control of temperature, humidity and energy consumption.
  • Strong cabinet of hot dip galvanised closed framework fixed with aluminium corners and internally insulated with mineral wool (HP / XD self-supporting cabinet).
  • Hot dip galvanized sandwich panels with 50 mm insulation (Thermal transmission T3 / Thermal bridging TB3 / Air leakage L3 according to EN 1886).
  • Internal partition wall are 30 mm thick and built from hot dip galvanised 1,25 mm sheet material insulated with mineral wool.
  • Inspection doors with strong hinges and tongue locks with handles or square keys.
  • Optionally all internal steel components including fans and panels are powder painted before assembly (Corrosion class C4).
  • A 70 μm powder paint finish on the outside panels is available for units to be installed outdoor in aggressive environments.
  • All fasteners, bolts and nuts are stainless steel or special protected.
  • Highly efficient, epoxy-coated aluminium heat exchangers offer high resistance to the aggressive swimming pool environments.
  • All coils with aluminium frame, prepainted fins and epoxy painted.
  • Replaceable drop eliminator plates for airspeeds up to 4 m/s.
  • Damper motors IP 66 specially designed for swimming pool environment.
  • Most energy efficient solution on the market.
  • Demand and precise control strategy.
  • 30 years of experience - designed especially to withstand the aggressive environment.
  • "All-in-one box" solutions.
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  • Dantherm DanX XWPS DanX XWPS
  • Dantherm Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger
  • Water cooled condenser Water cooled condenser
  • Ventilation Plug Fan 2 Plug Fan 2
  • Powder Coating Powder Coating
  • XKS Heat Exchanger and Mixing Section XKS Heat Exchanger and Mixing Section
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