Air handling units
for general
(non-pool) applications.

The ‘WD General’ range of air handling units are designed for non pool applications such as general commercial development.

The ‘WD’ range are high quality but affordable air handling units, available in a variety of specifications & flexible configurations e.g. horizontal, double stacked, side by side or vertical arrangements. 

We also have a ‘WD Healthcare’ range designed specifically for hospitals, clinics & NHS & Private Practice healthcare applications; and ‘WD Packaged Heat Recovery units’, which are compact & efficient and factory wired for ‘plug & play’ installation. 

The ‘WD’ range feature excellent quality door furniture & low leakage door seals, weatherproof options and many optional features. 

The selection software allows us to tailor the air handling units to your precise project requirements and quotations include detailed drawings (pdf &/or CAD format) and easy to read technical data sheets.

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WD Healthcare
WD Healthcare WD Healthcare
WD Packaged
Heat Recovery
WD Packaged Heat Recovery WD Packaged Heat Recovery
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  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Concert halls
  • Multi cinemas
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
Features and Advantages
  • Panels are double skinned type with nominally 50mm thick insulation and galvanised or 'Plastisol' exterior finish, in light grey (RAL 7035). Alternative colours are available. Panels shall be mounted on anodised aluminum pentapost framework, (thermal bridge free if required) and molded corner pieces. 
  • Applications requiring stainless steel panels are not a problem and can be manufactured in various grades, as required.
  • Demountable or flat-pack  The units can be supplied suitable for dismantling and rebuilding in situ, if access is restricted.  Alternatively, the units are available in ‘flat-pack’ form, on pallets, for building on site.  Dantherm direct-employed Service Engineers can offer an assembly service, if required.
  • AHUs are type tested to EN1886 standards:  Casing Air Leakage Class L1, Casing Strength Class D2, Casing Thermal Insulation Class T3, Thermal Bridging Factor TB3, Filter Assembly Leakage  F9 
  • Weatherproof option outdoor units can be fully weatherproof for outdoor installation c/w sloping or flat roof, 'Plastiol' exterior finish, weather cowls. 
  • Accessories: There is a vast range of accessories available e.g. gauges, lights, windows, special finishes, inverters etc. 
  • All the WD Range shall be fully compliant with ErP 2016, which is a requirement of the current building regulations part L2.
  • WD General WD General AHU
  • Siemens Wind Turbine Workshops, Hull College. Siemens Wind Turbine Workshops, Hull College.
  • WD General Vertical AHU
  • WD General Café supply and extract unit. Rooftop side by side, weatherproof unit with heat recovery, DX Coil and CUS.
  • WD General Weatherproof GRP inclosure for Trend based control panel.
  • WD General AHU supplied complete with condensing units and control panels.
  • WD General Office supply and extract air handling unit.
  • WD General Very large special air handling unit non standard size.


wd general range selection guide

unit sizeheightwidthvolume
27 571 706 0.75
35 763 706 0.97
53 763 1011 1.47
70 763 1316 1.94
79 1068 1011 2.22
110 1068 1316 3.06
140 1373 1316 3.89
180 1373 1621 5
210 1373 1926 5.83
220 1678 1621 6.11
260 1678 1926 7.22
310 1983 1926 8.61
370 1983 2231 10.28
420 1983 2536 11.66
430 2288 2231 11.94
490 2288 2536 13.6
560 2593 2536 15.56
630 2593 2825 17.5
700 2593 3226 19.44


Larger units & non standard sizes available
Outside Dimensions in mm
Volume based on 2.5m/s vel & is m3/s