Comfortable pool environments

Comfortable pool environments
with ventilation and dehumidification !

Without effective swimming pool dehumidifiers and ventilation systems, you risk the appearance of mould, corrosion, structural damage and uncomfortable environments in your indoor swimming pool. With the efficient heat pump based Dantherm CDP dehumidifiers, you will get comfortable environment in your indoor swimming pool. They maintain a comfortable humidity, minimise condensation and keep heating costs to a minimum.

CDP swimming pool dehumidifiers are energy efficient, user friendly and super quiet. The range includes models for wall, floor and duct installation. Equipped with corrosion protected evaporator and condenser coils, they are specifically designed for aggressive environments and ideal for all kinds of rooms with high temperatures requiring control of the relative humidity - new build as well as refurbishment.

Wall hung, stylish dehumidifiers CDP 35 - 45 - 65:

Quiet and stylish dehumidifier for indoor swimming poolsThese stylish swimming pool dehumidifiers blend in with any indoor swimming pool interior and wellness area. They are installed on the wall direct in the pool room and can also be freestanding using the optional floor mounting feet.
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Through the wall dehumidifiers CDP(T) 35 - 45 - 65:

CDP 45T through the wall pool dehumidifier - silent and reliable solutionWhen it is not only a question of high capacity and efficiency but also of hidden integration in the room, these « behind-wall » dehumidifiers for plant room installation are the perfect choice. The unit is almost invisible and the noise level is very low. More details? Click on the picture -->


Ducted swimming pool dehumidifiers CDP 75 - 125 - 165:
CDP 125 Ducted swimming pool dehumidifier for plant rooms. Flexible and reliable

Swimming pool dehumidifiers CDP 75 - 125 - 165 are specifically designed for large private pools or small  commercial/municipal swimming pool halls and wellness areas. This range of dehumidifiers is very flexible with different configuration possibilities. They are installed in a plant room and connected to the pool hall by means of ductwork. Up to 15% outdoor air can be supplied to the pool hall with this pool dehumidifier. 
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Dehumidification capacities and air flows for CDP swimming pool dehumidifiers: 

  CDP 35 CDP 45 CDP 65 CDP 75 CDP 125 CDP 165
Dehumidification @30°C/60% RH (l/24h) 31 43 72 79 132 175
Air flow (m3/h) 250 500 750 1500 2500 3600
Optional LPHW air heater yes yes yes yes yes yes
Water-cooled condenser no no  no  yes  yes yes
Sound level dB(A) 47(44) 49(46) 51(48) 58 60 63


Climate control for leisure centres and pool areas DanX XD & HP

Compact dehumidification and fresh air ventilation systemThe DanX XD & HP compact units are energy and cost-efficient solutions that combine dehumidification, temperature control and ventilation in wellness pool rooms and indoor pool rooms with focus on low energy consumption.

All components of the DanX units ensure high capacity and a long service life. The entire unit is corrosion proof with powder coating internally and externally. The system allows up to 100% outdoor air supply. Double cross flow epoxy-coated aluminium heat exchangers deliver up to 95% heat recovery combined with low-energy EC fan motors. High-efficiency compressors ensure the lowest possible operating costs. More details? Click on the picture --->

For further information about Dantherm swimming pool air handling solutions, please contact us by using the contact form to the right or send us an email.  

All Dantherm swimming pool dehumidifiers and heat recovery ventilation systems are manufactured in Denmark at our Skive factory which is accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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