Have you considered
refurbishing your air
handling units ?

Dantherm are experts in refurbishing air handling units & swimming pool dehumidifiers, whether Dantherm or other manufacturers equipment.

There are a number of key advantages of refurbishment over replacement:

20-30% of the cost of replacing
Stripping-out & removal of the old AHU plus the cost of installing the new, can typically more than double the basic cost of the new AHU. Reconditioning existing equipment saves the stripping-out & installation costs.

Less Disruption
Although Dantherm undertake AHU replacement works with the minimum disruption, often, rectification can be undertaken with little or no disruption to normal business operation e.g. without the need for cranage, scaffolding or removing external louvres etc. and can be scheduled around a timetable to suit.

Upgrade & reduce running costs:
Take the opportunity to upgrade the existing plant and improve energy efficiency, very often at no additional expense compared to a like for like replacement e.g. improved fan selection, upgraded efficiency motor or optimised control strategies and variable speed drive operation.

Extend the life of your AHUs by 10-15 years
Refurbishments can be tailored and graded to suit the customers’ requirements e.g. it could be designed to extend the life of the plant for a particular period of time but typically can extend operational life by 10 – 15 years.

Warranty of units.
Warranty can be offered to give peace of mind. Again, the warranty can vary to suit the clients requirements e.g. typically 1 – 5 years but collateral warranties & guarantees for 10 – 15 years can be included, if required.

Fast Track
Repair work can be "fast-tracked" because the lead time for materials & components can be only 1 -3 weeks, depending on specification, whereas replacing with new equipment could take 6-10 weeks and involve additional costs to flat pack equipment for restricted access plant areas as well as changes to other mechanical services.

Improve ventilation
It can be an ideal opportunity to check and improve air distribution e.g. if the areas have changed use, occupancy levels increased or just to provide improved ventilation, heating or cooling, then this can be addressed. 

Example: If a gym has been extended and split A/C units installed but additional fresh air is required.

Typical Applications

Dantherm can replace or refurbish your existing units and save you ££££'s.

Cardiff International Pool

The air handling units had corroded & deteriorated quickly in a pool environment.

Robert Tilbury, Public Sector Sales Manager

Robert Tilbury
Public Sector Sales Manager
Tel: +44 1275 876 851
Mobile: +44 7717 787094


Typical Applications
Some typical applications Typical Applications
Cardiff International
Cardiff International Pool Cardiff International Pool
Dantherm refurbish
& upgrade
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