Typical Applications

Dantherm can replace or refurbish your existing units and save you ££££'s

Corroded swimming pool units
Swimming Pool AHUs often suffer severe corrosion issues and leaking draintrays which have rusted through.  Dantherm can retro-fit powder-coated stainless steel replacements designed specifically for pool environments.

Reduced ventilation
Air-paths can become restricted over time, reducing airflow and leading to poor air quality conditions, odours, chloramine build up and condensation.  Air distribution system fire damper failures can completely cut off the air to certain areas and lead to compliance issues.

Also, rooms can change usage and have increased occupancy requiring a higher rate of ventilation, fans and motors can be uprated during the refurbishment. Example:  A snooker room may be converted to a gym and air conditioning fitted within the room but the ventilation needs also need to be uprated to satisfy the increased requirements.  

Restricted access
Restricted access can make complete replacement difficult e.g. the unit maybe installed in a roof space with only access via a hatch.

Limited budget or life expectancy
The extent of the refurbishment can be tailored to suit the budget and the expected life of the building or lease e.g. the building may only be required for 5 years while a new premises is designed & built.

Energy upgrades
Energy upgrades to reduce running costs can be incorporated within the refurbishment e.g. fans & motors can be replaced to extend the life of the plant but also upgraded to higher efficiency models.  Dantherm can quantify the savings for you and a payback period calculated.

Robert Tilbury, Public Sector Sales Manager

Robert Tilbury
Public Sector Sales Manager
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