A Tailored Solution

Most leisure centres are unique. Your environmental situations, your culture, your economic drivers, and even the time of year, all require a different approach to the carbon reduction challenge.

So, we adapt our approach to suit your situation. We can even introduce you to organisations that will fund your solution for you, and they will give you a share of the savings that we make. Our solutions really are without risk or liability.

Money Talks

Swimming pools are a technical application, and Dantherm people are unashamedly experienced and technical, pools are 90% of our business and we do it extremely well. 

We engineer our solutions for long-term cost control and they are not the lowest CAPEX by any means.  This does not mean that they are over designed or overpriced luxury; it just means that in order to give the lowest possible lifetime cost, (and the shortest ROI), there has to be some investment in the quality of the solution.

We are the only environmental solution provider to have been funded by external investors on 'pay as you save' EPC contracts, for contracts up to 12 years in duration. We have passed a due diligence process with two separate investors and provided performance guarantees for the life of their contracts. The investors trust us to perform and so can you.

We offer the lowest capex and opex inclusive cost profile on the market.

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