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Our expertise is focused on providing the best matched and most effective Mechanical Services for a Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre; always looking in the direction of the lowest possible operating cost, and the most reliable solution for the pool operator.

In summary some of the services that we can provide are;

• Mechanical Services - Condition audit and Operating Performance surveys
• Equipment solutions
• Whole Building Solutions
• Accurate Energy Consumption Modelling - Before and after
• Metering and Sub-metering
• New Equipment solutions
• Repair and upgrade existing equipment
• Control strategies and BMS upgrades
• Assemble on site - Where access is tight
• Temporary Services Installation - To keep the site operational whilst works are implemented
• Preventative Maintenance
• Energy Tuning of plant
• Energy Performance Guarantees

Through our contacts;

• Funding of Capital projects and maintenance programmes
• Shared savings payment scheme - Off balance sheet with no risk or liability
• Renewables and Cogeneration

Read also Training and Education.

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