The State of the
Swimming Pool Market

The Swimming Pool Market

As soon as a building envelope is added to a swimming pool the energy consumption profile climbs dramatically.


It's all about protecting the building from water vapour and looking after the welfare of staff and swimmers.  A 25m main pool will lose at least 60 litres of water an hour to the air in the pool hall by evaporation, (add another 20 litres per hour for a learner pool).  Without control this water vapour will find its way into the fabric of the building causing rot and decay.

The cost of dealing with all this water is significant and is an intensive use of energy.  The cost of not dealing with it is greater!
Our survey team have visited in excess of 500 commercially operated pools in the last three years and we see very few pools that operating effectively or efficiently; less than 6% of them at the start of 2013!

Some are simply wasting energy; some are rotting the building, and some do both.  Very few operators realised there was a problem and that there was a better way to manage their pool.


Because it's the way it's always been... Sometimes caused by weak design, other times by poor quality components that fail without notice. It can be the case that the pool operator is aware there is a problem but does not have the budget, or control of spending to right the wrong. Whatever the problem we have a way forward and have successfully implemented solutions and negotiated funding strategies with clients and landlords alike.

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