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Through our experience of producing swimming pool ventilation systems over the last 40 years, Dantherm have gained a great deal of application knowledge and expertise in this field.

We have devised four technical seminars suitable for mechanical building services engineers who are involved in designing energy efficient ventilation and dehumidification solutions for private and public swimming pools.

Typically the Continuing Professional Development seminars (sometimes referred to as career path development) are delivered over a lunch break or alternatively in the early evening, and take between 1 -1.5 hours. The four standard seminars are described below, but they can be tailored to suit a customer’s specific training needs and further supplemented by online learning resources.

How to design a ventilation system for a swimming pool hall with energy efficiency in mind 
Ventilation systems for swimming pools are required to deal with a broad range of issues. Designers typically refer to guidelines produced by recognized bodies such as CIBSE or Sport England, but this information is generally regarded as rule of thumb. This seminar takes the mechanical services designer through the design process dealing with each aspect in detail.


Creating a reliable solution to protect the building fabric and manage energy consumption into now and into the future:
Swimming pools are very intense users of energy; the addition of a very corrosive environment can provide service designers with a considerable challenge when tasked with delivering a truly sustainable facility. This seminar covers key areas relating to the design and operation of the ventilation system that are vital to achieving this outcome:


Quality issues that are  important to the lifetime of a pool hall ventilation system
A swimming pool hall is a very corrosive environment by its very nature. This seminar identifies elements of the ventilation system that require particular attention to quality in order to deliver a reliable solution with the expected longevity:


How to upgrade old pool hall ventilations systems to make them more energy efficient
There are many items of equipment that consume energy in a leisure centre and implementing energy reduction measures can present a difficult if not daunting task. This seminar helps to identify & quantify the major consumers of energy (with a particular focus on the pool ventilation) and presents a practical guide to introduce energy saving technologies in a targeted and strategic manner.




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