Quality issues that are
important to the lifetime
of a pool hall ventilation

A swimming pool hall is a very corrosive environment by its very nature. This seminar identifies elements of the ventilation system that require particular attention to quality in order to deliver a reliable solution with the expected longevity:

  • Fundamental principles of design for a swimming pool ventilation system, such as choice of appropriate conditions and protecting the building fabric.
  • Design of the ventilation unit; what technologies are important and how are they work together to optimise energy consumption.
  • Construction techniques of the air handling unit to resist the corrosive environment.
  • Air distribution systems, commonly used materials and finishes.
  • Other materials used within a pool hall, suitability and cleansing routines.
  • The interaction between pool dosing systems, water quality and fresh air quantities.
  • The role of effective preventative maintenance regimes.


Duration: 45-60 mins
Questions & answers: 10 mins

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