How to upgrade old pool
hall ventilations systems
to make them more energy

There are many items of equipment that consume energy in a leisure centre and implementing energy reduction measures can present a difficult if not daunting task. This seminar helps to identify & quantify the major consumers of energy (with a particular focus on the pool ventilation) and presents a practical guide to introduce energy saving technologies in a targeted and strategic manner.

  • Overview of energy consumption in the leisure sector.
  • Fundamental principles of design for a swimming pool ventilation system, things to look out for and how issues may be interpreted.
  • How energy is consumed, and how much influence the pool ventilation can have,  including practical examples.
  • Retrospective energy saving opportunities, viability and prioritisation.
  • Energy modelling to calculate payback periods.
  • Practical guide from survey through to implementation.


Typical duration: 60 mins
Questions & answers: 10 mins

Jamie Herdman, Commercial Sales Manager

Jamie Herdman
Commercial Sales Manager
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